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TechDesk Testimonial

By Rocky McKenzie – Founder of TechDesk LLC.

Serving our Communities

We at TechDesk have a heart for the communities we serve. We live in a world that revolves around big business, and taking any undercuts we can; leaving others in the dirt just to profit for ourselves. They say, “Millionaires didn’t get where they are by taking shortcuts

This leaves us questioning: why is it so hard to strive as a

It should be our personal desires to make sure we can provide for our families & give them what they want, but there’s a fine line between making enough money to live well, and greed.

The Future of TechDesk

We at TechDesk have a lot up our sleeves. It is a personal goal of mine, as the business owner, to be able to give back to the community. Not only by offering quality services at reasonable prices, but we just want to do more to facilitate the individuals needs.

We’re projected to launch a monthly charitable program, where we partner with local charities to provide a percentage of all revenue directly to the programs. This will include funds raised for families in poverty, families impacted by illness, and more. To insure the money goes to a good purpose, we will require documentation as proof of a charitable/non-profit event, and require that a statement of payment received be shown from the program who receives the money, so the community can rest assured their money is impacting change.

While the business is currently only running one facility in Winchester, Kentucky, we plan to expand as a business.

While most companies are striving on competition, that’s not where TechDesk places it’s morals. We do not involve ourselves in dirty business. Our heart is at giving our customers the best rates we can provide & giving back to the community. You can read more on our business testimonial.